About PADD

Summary Information

Organization: PADD is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation chartered in South Carolina in the year 2000. The mission was established by the Presbytery of New Harmony, a Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church USA. PADD is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees and continues a close relationship with Presbytery .

Mission: To provide the highest quality of life and the greatest level of independence for each resident within the context of a community based residential facility.

PADD's Purpose: The purpose of PADD is to; build and operate homes; coordinate community services; create training and support programs; maintain standards; raise funding.

Current  Operations:  
​PADD  currently  operates a 6 bed Community Residential Care Facility (CRCF), and a 4 bed Community Training Home 2 (CTH II). Both homes are located in Florence SC, and are for  women. PADD is a Qualified Provider for the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.