These are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ).
For additional information please contact the Administrator.

  • Who cares for the residents? A "24/7" awake staff provides ongoing care. The staff is supervised by a Licensed Administrator.

  • What is life like in the home?Each resident has their own room and can decorate it to their taste. Homes are equipped with wireless internet. Residents share common living, den, and dining rooms. There are handicapped equipped bathrooms. Residents live in a family setting, shop and cook together, clean and do laundry, participate in community activities, attend social events and all have a volunteer activity or day program to go to during the day.

  • Who provides transportation?The home provides all transportation.  Vehicles are operated by staff who are responsible for driving the residents to their activities.

  • What about health and safety of the residents and staff? Homes are equipped with a monitored sprinker and fire alarm system.  The staff completed background checks and are all trained. The Administrator has state and federal licenses, and receives continuing education.  Routine inspections are conducted by DHEC and SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. The Board of Trustees conducts their monthly board meetings at the PADD homes.

  • What are the admission criteria?1. Applicants must have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability as determined by a current evaluation from a psychologist or psychiatrist. 2.The group home must be the most appropriate resource currently available for the applicant as determined by the professional exam. 3. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. 4. Applicants must possess self help skills. 5. Applicants must be free from medical or behavioral problems that place excessive demands on staff or other residents in the home. 6. Applicants must be capable and willing to attend a day activity program or volunteer activity outside the home.

  • What is the admission process?In summary, process involves completing an application, medical and psychological exam, review by Admissions Committee and final approval by the PADD Board. For specific details, timing and an application please contact the Administrator.